Blogger's data:blog.feedLinks

As you might have noticed, I got sick of the crufty, old, temporary-turned-permanent template here and been playing with making a new one from scratch. So you might expect this place to look even worse and more half-baked for some time to come.

And while I was trying to get the RSS links in the header, I came across the data:blog.feedLinks thingy. I've been extremely puzzled as to why couldn't I <b:loop> it... turns out it's not a list, but a piece of HTML code. Just smack the <data:blog.feedLinks/> in your <head> and be done with it.

To end this rant, I'd really appreciate if blogger had anything resembling a proper reference instead of this freaking I-m-so-stupid-I-can't-use-a-reference-and-need-mom-to-answer-me-questions freaking FAQd up 'online help'.

EDIT: BTW, no, no comments for you. We'll see if it's to stay. Mostly depends on how fed up I'd be with the blogger API, I guess.


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